Call for Applications: AmplifyChange’s 2019 Opportunity Grant for Women and LGBTIQ led Civil Society Organisations

Deadline: 3 May 2019

[Photo: LGBT Rainbow Flag © 2008 Ludovic Berton (Wikimedia Commons)]

AmplifyChange is pleased to invite women led and LGBTIQ led civil society organisations for its 2019 Opportunity Grant to nurture and encourage innovative ideas and approaches on SRHR advocacy in new contexts.

The purpose of this grant is to implement projects doing advocacy within a sexual and reproductive health rights framework.

They aim to be flexible in their funding approach so that smaller and new organisations can access their funding, but they do expect a project to have promising potential to achieve meaningful change for women and girls and those who identify as LGBTIQ. They work as a challenge fund, and applications are considered on a competitive basis.

Eligible Projects

They are particularly interested to fund projects that:

Are submitted by small, grassroots organisations that are women-led and LGBTIQ-led groups that find it challenging to access funding
Aim to address the root causes and drivers of discriminatory social norms and inequitable power relations
Pilot a new idea or innovative approach and to learn lessons about what is effective
Implementing a promising practice that have shown initial success
Empower women, girls and LGBTIQ to advocate for their rights and access to services
Work towards the development, improvement and effective implementation of laws and policies, including by-laws
Funding Information

Opportunity grants can be up to a maximum of 40,000 Euros.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women led and LGBTIQ led civil society organisations (CSOs) are eligible to apply which are located in one of the eligible countries listed below.
  • Civil society organisations (CSOs) include:
    • Community groups
    • Youth groups
    • Non-governmental organisations
    • Indigenous groups
    • Charitable organisations
    • Faith-based organisations
    • Research institutes
    • Social enterprise groups
    • Public-private partnerships
    • Communications and media groups
    • Professional associations

For more information and how to apply, visit: