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The BMJ Opion, June 28, 2021. We need greater investment in feminist movements, one of the most effective ways to advance health outcomes for women and girls and to achieve public health equity, say Emma Fulu and colleagues.
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Do you represent a local or national civil-society organization searching for an urgently-needed direct support or a grant to enhance women’s influence and participation in a current peace process?
The WPHF RRW has two primary funding streams:
Direct Support Stream – up to $25,00...
It's been 25 years since the declaration on the rights of women, was signed in Beijing - and in that time the landscape of health car inequity has changed. To celebrate 3 podcasts were created in collaboration with The WHO and UN University, as part of the collection on Women’s H...
Data equity means thinking about how methods of collecting and analysing data may include biases or stereotypes. Those working to end sexual abuse, assault, and harassment need to understand data equity to make sure the data tells the full picture of the issue. On this episode, N...