December 2018

SVRI: Advancing research on violence against women and violence against children in low and middle income countries

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#16DaysofActivism 2018 Blog Series

Written by Elizabeth Dartnall, SVRI and Anik Gevers, Independent Consultant

This was first published by Reproductive Health Matters. Permission to publish on the SVRI Blog was given by the authors.



Finding Gender-based Violence Solutions in Humanitarian Settings

[The winning Development Marketplace 2018 proposal from Fundación Plan International España examines the long-term impacts of an empowerment training on gender-based violence, and household energy use in humanitarian settings. Photo © Fundación Plan International España]

#16DaysofActivism 2018 Blog Series

Written by Diana J. Arango 1 and  Elizabeth Dartnall 2

World Bank Group1; Sexual Violence Research Initiative 2

“A hug for the first time in fifteen years”: the impact of a parenting programme for the early prevention of both spousal violence and violence against children in Uganda

[Photo by CHDC, Makerere University]

#16DaysofActivism 2018 Blog Series

Written by Carolyn Namutebi1, Godfrey Siu 1 and Daniel Wight 2

Child Health & Dev Centre, Makerere University1; MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Uni of Glasgow 2

On the CUSP: Global learning for sustained social norms change

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#16DaysofActivism 2018 Blog Series

Written by the Community for Understanding Scale Up (CUSP)

“Working with CUSP has reaffirmed my conviction that more than scaling specific initiatives/programs, it’s vital to scale the conceptual and methodological principles behind effective work — and that includes strengthening local capacity”- Amy Bank, Puntos de Encuentro