October 2022

SVRI Forum 2022: A clarion to immediate activism for me

Written by Olufunke Elizabeth Afesojaye

Inequality worldwide is a crucial issue and we need to invest in its prevention. Violence against women is a violation of human rights and it is rooted in gender equality which has to do with the exercise of power, discrimination, and inequality.

Violence against women is a public health issue and it is an impediment to public health issues. Nearly 1 of 3 that is 35% of women have experienced physical and sexual violence worldwide by intimate or sexual violence, not including sexual harassment by any perpetrator.

Walking the talk: Reflections of a young researcher

Written by Jane Ndungu

“Hello, I am Jane, a researcher and activist advocating for prevention of VAWG.”

You are probably thinking, “Okay, so am I. What’s new?” THIS! This is new and news; to me as well! Okay, please grab a coffee and give me a chance to explain.

See, I am a deeply introverted person, who prefers to sit behind a screen, as opposed to standing in front of a crowd; in fact, I insist on it. So, I have always believed, and I have on many occasions been known to say, that I am not an activist.