SVRI Forum Awards 2011

SVRI Forum 2011: Moving the agenda forward, 10 – 13 October 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa

Best presentation: Research category

Winner: Emma Fulu
Title: Overview of gender based violence prevention and masculinities regional research project: Building an evidence base for violence prevention


Best presentation: Community-based category

Winner: Nancy Glass
Title: Pigs for peace: A village-led animal husbandry microfinance to improve health and economic stability of survivors of gender based violence in intervention category the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Best presentation: Health sector response category

Winner: Kate Joyner
TitleBenefits of screening and  intervening for intimate partner violence in primary care


Best poster presentation

Winner: Yandisa Sikweyiya
Title: Potential research participants’ motivations and perceived risks in research participation: Reflections on the implications of ethics in health research


Best young researcher presentation

Winner: David Duriesmith
Title: New war masculinity and sexual violence: What focusing on manhood can tell us about sexual violence in the future of warfare