SVRI Forum Awards 2015

SVRI Forum 2015: Innovation and intersections, 14 – 17 September, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Best research presentations

Winners: Karen Devries and Dipak Naker
TitleThe Good School Toolkit: Systemic approach to preventing violence agains children in schools

Winner: Mitima Mpanano Remy
Title: Promising findings from the Pigs for Peacce Livestock Microfiniance Program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Twelve and 18-month outcomes


Runner-up research presentation

Winners: Sanni Bundgaard, Sophia Wanjiku, Geoffrey Luttah and Mark Ijjo
Title: Feasibility and Acceptability of Screening for Gender-Based Violence in Health Facilities in Humanitarian setting. Findings from implementation among refugees in Kenya and South Sudan


Best poster presentation

Winner: Harriet Ayikoru
Title: Establishment of sexual violence intervention in an urban setting: Médecins Sans Frontières, Mathare project, Nairobi, Kenya


Best runner-up poster presentation

Winner: Sarah Rockefeller
Title: Sexual violence and women's health: Educating future clinicians


Best young researcher presentation

Winner: Prabu Deepan
TitleTransforming masculinties: An evidence-based approach to work with faith communities on gender and masculinities


Best runner up young researcher presentation

Winner: Abigail Hatcher
TitleIntimate partner violence and adherence to HIV care and treatment among women: A systematic review and meta-analysis