Call for Interest in SEANET: The Southeast Asia Network for Sexual Violence Prevention among Youth

Sexual violence includes any sexual act committed against a person without freely given consent. In the US, one in five college women experiences sexual violence, and 91% of victims are women. Women victims of sexual violence are at higher risk of negative physical, mental, and academic outcomes, so understanding and addressing preventable causes is critical. In Vietnam, changing sexual norms among young people are creating expectations for sex in dating relationships. However, inequitable gender norms normalize men’s sexual coercion and undermine sexual consent. A team at Emory University and the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) tested the impact of a contextually adapted program, GlobalConsent, on sexually violent behavior and prosocial bystander behavior among 750 university men in Vietnam. Having demonstrated efficacy, our team is supporting awareness raising and uptake of sexual violence prevention work in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We are engaging stakeholders from university, secondary-school, and youth-engaged CSO/INGOs to understand wider perceptions about sexual violence among young people and the potential to expand prevention programming. This stakeholder engagement process is designed to support the creation of SEANET, or Southeast Asia Network for Sexual Violence Prevention among Youth, a learning collaborative in Vietnam and Southeast Asia that facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration, and uptake of evidence-based prevention strategies. If you reside in a Southeast Asian country, do research or programmatic work on sexual violence prevention among youth (or a related form of gender-based violence), and would like to find out more about becoming a member of SEANET, please contact Dr. Kathryn Yount ( or Dr. Tran Hung Minh ( We look forward to hearing from you!