Call for Papers: Special Issue "The Intersections between Intimate Partner Violence and Violence against Children - Impacts and Approaches to Interventions"

This important research topic has recently gained global attention due to growing evidence that there are high levels of co-occurrence between intimate partner violence and violence against children, particularly within the same household. Despite intimate partner violence against women resulting in significant adverse health consequences for both women and their children, its links with safeguarding children and child protection processes have not been systematically addressed in research.

This special issue call for papers that explore:

  1. the essential elements and impacts of interventions and programs that effectively address the co-occurrence of these two types of violence within the home environment (e.g., through combined approaches or joined programmes);
  2. innovative approaches to measuring co-occurring violence against women and against children within the home environment, including violence throughout the course of their lives, through longitudinal cohort studies;
  3. the existence and impacts of policies that address violence against women and violence against children together;
  4. the key barriers to and facilitators of coordination and collaboration on intimate partner violence and VAC across sectors at multiple levels;
  5. interventions that target adolescents and their vulnerability to the co-occurrence of these forms of violence (including dating violence and early marriage).

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Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 September 2023.