Calling all Women of Color humanitarian specialists working to address violence against women and girls in emergency contexts around the globe

via GBVCoP. Dorcas Erskine has founded a forum for connections, sharing and collaboration at, and on FB at

The intention for this group is to recognise the often unseen and undervalued leadership of women of color in so many facets of humanitarian response and ending GBV, and bringing to an end the invisibility and isolation in online and offline spaces where the work happens. We all have a lot of experience of how the conversations unfold about 'localisation' or about 'Global South's women's leadership' and how much they stop at conversations, without any sustained or meaningful action. WeCie is intended to be a space to fully recognise those most disenfranchised as the experts, thought leaders, key decision-makers and general badass women they are. We know too that women of color from the global north are also very often sidelined, treated as tokens, not promoted, not paid as much, and so on and this is also a space for that conversation.