What we are reading: Southern Theory

Raewyn Connell. "Southern theory” is a term for social thought from the societies of the global South. The book Southern Theory, was first published in 2007. It brings the critique of classical theory up to the present, showing how the theories of Giddens, Coleman and Bourdieu, and the theory of globalization, are constructed from global-North points of view. It then has five chapters telling the stories of social thinkers from sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Iran, India, and Australia, such as Paulin Hountondji, Ali Shariati, Sonia Montecino and Veena Das (if you don’t recognize those names, please read the book!)  There's a chapter about the land, a topic little discussed in Eurocentric theory but enormously important in indigenous thought and politics. Read more about the book here.