Woke science: 3 tips to boost the impact of research

The Research Whisperer. We have a problem. Researchers make an astonishing 2 million contributions annually, but the majority of these end up just as academic papers and collect dust without ever being used to create change in our society.

This is not just our problem, but broader society’s, too, since all of us lose if science continues to churn out studies without having a real impact. In no other case is this more evident than in climate science. Although global warming was discovered in the 1900s, it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists engaged with the general public, which gave rise to the energetic activist movements we see today. It took over 70 years to create change. Researchers need to do better. We need to be more woke.

Woke Science—or science that goes beyond just publishing papers — can help create impact.

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