The Power of Collaborative Research Practitioner Partnerships

In 2013/2014, the SVRI funded a wonderful group of researchers and practitioners to investigate the impact of Together to End Violence Against Women (TEVAW) - a comprehensive care and support program for vulnerable children and families that includes savings groups that aim to increase household socioeconomic resiliency, enhance women’s economic independence, and strengthen social support networks. They conducted a three-armed, cluster randomized field trial  in all nine villages in Karatu District where World Education Inc. (WEI)/Bantwana, an international nongovernmental organization, was implementing TEVAW. Findings suggest TEVAW is a promising intervention to reduce men’s use of violence against women by changing attitudes and behaviours among men and the communities in Tanzania. Like many of our grantees, the study generated a number of publications well beyond what was expected. Thank you TEVAW team for your tireless commitment to ending violence against women and children.

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