The Sexual Violence Research Podcast Series 2

Episode 3: Engaging Men and Boys - What Works?
Engaging men and boys in violence prevention programmes can produce real world benefits. This strategy - to be successful - has to be implemented in an ethical and accountable way and centred on women and girls experiences and needs. It cannot be implemented just for the sake of involving men and as a silver bullet to end violence.

In this episode, our co-hosts, Elizabeth Dartnall, Executive Director, SVRI, and Angelica Pino, Grants Manager and Capacity Strengthening Specialist, SVRI speak to Taveeshi Gupta, Director of Research, Evaluation and Learning at Equimundo and Emmanuel Karamage, Field Coordinator in the Bandebereho Project at the Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) to hear about some of the projects that have contributed to building evidence in this area, and consider what we can learn from them. We also discuss some of the challenges facing researchers in this field. 

Listen here: