Learning together - A guide for feminist practice in violence against women and girls research collaborations

Raising Voices and SVRI
Prevention of and response to VAWG has become more prioritized at the global level in the past decade, with recognition of the pressing need to create safer environments for women and girls around the world.

When carried out with care and dignity, research partnerships between activist organizations and research organizations can strengthen two-way knowledge exchanges, improve programming and policies, and make meaningful contributions to the field of VAWG. While the research process may be daunting, we are excited to see the emergence of more equitable partnerships and thought leadership in the ethics of co-creating feminist research. Creativity and flexibility to build a partnership that amplifies the strengths of all will allow for important learning and strides to be made that will ultimately help us to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls.  Read this new brief here.

Webinar recording and materials can be accessed here.