GBV Science Fair

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative  and the Global Women’s Institute are partnering to promote safe and ethical Gender-Based Violence research.  The GBV Science Fair offers opportunities for your research to reach a global audience and have the potential to win prizes. To enter, simply create a short video abstract about your research during or after SVRI. If you need ideas of what you might want to include in your video abstract, Click here.

The best three video abstracts that meet the judging criteria below will be selected by a panel of experts in the field of Gender Based Violence. The first place winner will receive free registration to the 2017 SVRI Forum and free lodging for the duration of the event. The second and third place winners will receive free registration to the 2017 SVRI Forum. 

The judging criteria is as follows:

Innovation – Does the research help to significantly advance the discipline (e.g., technically, theoretically, methodologically)? Does it touch upon an area of research or population that has not been previously explored and documented?  Does the research open a new area of understanding related to GBV? Would funding this researcher(s) advance research from historically underfunded research groups?

Application – Does the research have practical applications (e.g., for society, for multiple settings, for other disciplines and types of violence, for other researchers)?

Ethical Considerations – Is the research being carried out in an ethical manner?  

Comprehension -- Did the video help the viewers understand the research (including the methods, findings, and applications)?

View more information about the GBV Science Fair online.

Entries closed on 01 June 2016

Click here to read and view videos of the GBV Science Fair winners. 

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