There is increased awareness among policy- makers, funders, and others that evidence is needed to inform their work. The SVRI is committed to bringing diverse voices from low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to the fields of violence against women and violence against children. The SVRI promotes the leadership of LMIC-based researchers and builds the capacity of global research institutions on these countries. Through our grant-making, we strive to balance research resources and power between high, low- and middle-income countries.

Knowledge for Action to End Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children: A feminist grant supporting research innovation in low-and middle-income countries Brochure

SVRI Research Grant

In 2021, we partnered with Sida and our Anonymous Donor to establish The SVRI Research Grant: Knowledge for Action to End Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children.  Researchers from low- and middle-income countries are invited to submit proposals to access funds of between $40 000 and $150 000 over a 12-18 months period to undertake innovative research that will contribute to the prevention and response of violence against women (VAW), violence against children (VAC) and other forms of violence driven by gender inequality in low and middle-income countries.

A call for proposals is sent out each year via SVRI listserv, our website, LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter. No unsolicited proposals are accepted. 

Application guidelines and criteria

The 2024 SVRI Research Grant Call for Applications closed on 6 July 2023. 

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See the World Bank country classification by income here.

SVRI adheres to the ‘Funder principles for supporting high-quality research for the most pressing global needs in epidemics and pandemics’ developed by UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) and the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R). The principles were launched on the 17th July 2020 in The LANCET ‘Strengthening the global effort on COVID-19 research through joint principles for funding global research in epidemics and pandemics.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Our guiding principles

  • Adhere to international safety and ethical guidelines
  • Engage the community that is being researched, where relevant
  • Focus on low- and middle-income settings
  • Challenge gender hierarchies and promote gender equity
  • Be conceptualized within a human rights framework
  • Inform policies, programmes, and services
  • Strive to be cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary
  • Serve to strengthen access to comprehensive care and support for survivors and prevention of violence against women and children 

What we like to see in proposals

  • Research will advance the knowledge on VAW and VAC prevention and response in LMICs
  • Well-written, concise abstract
  • Multidisciplinary, multisectoral, consortium-led research
  • Led by orgs based in LMICs
  • Guided by local project advisory boards
  • Informed by current evidence
  • Ethical issues considered & ethical approval sought
  • Clear research uptake plans
  • Logical, clear budget & sound budget justification

Our grant-making history

In 2014, we established the SVRI Grant to increase the evidence base for the primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence (IPV) in low- and middle-income countries.

We awarded nine grants between 2014 and 2015. Following this Grant’s success, we partnered with the World Bank Group from 2016 - 2020 to create the SVRI and World Bank Development Marketplace Awards . Read our briefs: 


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“This unique award has an incredibly important role in cultivating innovation in violence prevention. Please keep offering this mechanism to keep the field moving!” – Grant Winner

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